Isabel and Buddy embrace as Nick films them.

Q & A about A Room With A View movie

Since I released the trailer for my new short film about Parkinson’s disease, I’ve gootten a lot of questions about it. Is it real? Why did you make it? How…

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A Room With A View Poster

New Parkinson’s Movie Soon to Hit Festivals

Hello, Parkinson’s Warriors. This is what happens when a dream begins dying thanks to Parkinson’s – you keep the dream going by doing the dream! I have always dreamt of…

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Fighting Through the Isolation

As we all know, times have recently gotten tough… for everyone. No matter if you’re a person with Parkinson’s living in the UK, the US, or anywhere else in the…

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hope, the word, written out on a beach

What does hope mean for People with Parkinson’s?

Since Parkinson’s currently has no cure, there is a huge reliance on hope in the community among patients and caretakers. Everyone seems to be waiting for that moment when the…

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