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Parkinson's Warrior logo

Parkinson’s Warrior is for the fighter that is not willing to give up in the face of adversity. It’s for the ones who get out of bed each morning not knowing what’s coming, but willing to face it head-on. It’s for the ones who keep going for the ones they love and who love them. It’s for the warrior who is told “beware the storm,” to which they reply, “I am the storm.”

Parkinson’s Warrior was founded by Nick Pernisco, a person living with Parkinson’s. After being diagnosed at 33 years old, Nick fell into a deep depression and hit rock bottom. It was when he was at the end of his rope that he decided he would not let this disease defeat him.

He decided to change his life by learning everything possible about Parkinson’s. He learned about nutrition, exercise, medications, advanced therapies, and decided to become physically, emotionally, and cognitively fit. He began seeing Parkinson’s as an enemy to be destroyed, or at least kept at bay, rather than simply as a disease.

Being a Parkinson’s Warrior is about having the right mindset. It’s about approaching disease management with a fiercely defiant attitude that says, “you will not beat me.”

Learn all about Nick’s techniques for having the mindset of a Parkinson’s Warrior.