Inbrija Approved in US to Treat Off Periods in Parkinson’s Patients on Carbidopa/Levodopa

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Inbrija (levodopa inhalation powder)‎ for the treatment of Parkinson’s off periods in patients on a carbidopa/levodopa regimen. Acorda Therapeutics’ therapy is expected to be available by prescription in the first quarter of 2019. It will be distributed through a network of specialty pharmacies in the U.S. “Today’s

Gout May Increase Parkinson’s Risk in Older People, Study of US Medicare Data Suggests

Gout appears to be associated with a higher risk of incident Parkinson’s disease in older adults, according to a study that looked at Medicare data in the U.S. The study, “Gout and the risk of Parkinson’s disease in older adults: a study of U.S. Medicare data” was published in BMC Neurology. Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurological

Researchers Evaluate Computer-based Therapy to Ease Fatigue, Improve Motor Function

An ongoing pilot trial is evaluating a computer-based, non-pharmacological cognitive approach to improve motor function and ease fatigue in people with Parkinson’s disease. “Study protocol for a randomised pilot study of a computer-based, non-pharmacological cognitive intervention for motor slowing and motor fatigue in Parkinson’s disease,” appeared in the journal Pilot and Feasibility Studies. Non-pharmacological therapies may

Biogen, C4 Therapeutics Working to Treat Parkinson’s by ‘Naturally’ Degrading and Clearing Proteins

Biogen and C4 Therapeutics (C4T) have joined efforts to develop therapies using a cell’s natural protein degradation system as a way of treating neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. This agreement allows the two to combine Biogen’s expertise in neuroscience and therapy development with C4T’s knowledge and research work into targeted protein degradation, or

Parkinson’s Patients and Caregivers are Active, but Lack Self-management Support, Study Finds

Patients with Parkinson’s disease and their caregivers are usually active and ready to adopt strategies to improve their quality of life and disease management, but lack self-management support, a study finds. The study, “Development of the Integrated Parkinson’s Care Network (IPCN): using co-design to plan collaborative care for people with Parkinson’s disease,” was published in

Changes in Innate Immunity, Cell Waste Disposal Process Linked to Loss of Dopaminergic Neurons in Early Study

Together with aging, the disruption of a cell’s waste disposal system and exaggerated immune responses can lead to the progressive loss of dopamine-producing neurons seen in diseases like Parkinson’s, according to new research in fruit flies. The study, “Hyperactive Innate Immunity Causes Degeneration of Dopamine Neurons upon Altering Activity of Cdk5,” was published in the journal