Are you a Parkinson’s Warrior?

people with parkinson's doing yoga

Ever since I developed this website, people have asked me: “what is a Parkinson’s Warrior,” and “How do I know if I am one?” I’m here to dispel any myths about what it takes to be a Parkinson’s Warrior and lay out the truth about not only surviving but thriving with Parkinson’s.

What are some myths about being a Parkinson’s Warrior?

Myth #1: “You must lift weights, be buff, and be in amazing shape to be a Parkinson’s Warrior.”

This is absolutely not true! Being a Parkinson’s Warrior is all mental, and not at all physical. While it’s true that Parkinson’s Warriors are likely to be in better shape than non-Warriors, but that’s not a requirement. It’s all about approaching life with the right attitude.

Myth #2: “You must have a very discerning diet, eat lots of plant-based foods, and drink lots of juices to be in your best shape.”

Again, this is not true! While diet is important for People With Parkinson’s, everyone has their own requirements and you should not go overboard with your diet. Extremes are bad, especially if you can’t maintain consistency over a long period of time. The occasional (even daily) juice is fine, but make sure you are meeting all of your dietary needs for personal health.

Myth #3: “I had a bad day, and feel like giving up. I guess I’m not a Parkinson’s Warrior.”

Stop putting yourself down! We all have those days that we just want to stay in bed and shut out the world. It’s ok. This is a part of the disease and each day will be different. Having a bad day, a bad week, a bad month… is all normal. The important thing is staying strong, and convincing yourself that this too shall pass and you are willing to move forward when the opportunity presents itself.

So what ARE the traits of a Parkinson’s Warrior?

    • Parkinson’s Warriors accept that their bodies are no longer capable of doing what they used to, and they adapt to the new reality – use special eating and walking devices, take their time and don’t feel rushed by the world around them, and yes, ask for help when they need it!
    • Parkinson’s Warriors do their best to stay positive and don’t let the disease take over. Parkinson’s is tough, and having to deal with it day in and day out is tough. But you know what’s tougher? YOU! You may not be able to control your body, but you can control your mind.

Parkinson’s Warriors always move forward. Even when life gets them down, they’re willing to put the bad things aside and keep living, for themselves, for those who love them, for the world, which needs them and their brilliant energy.

So are you a Parkinson’s Warrior? If you’ve read this far, I would guess YES!

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