Make a Difference in Your Life with These New Year’s Resolutions in 2019

New Year’s resolutions are an opportunity for reflection, change and improvement. Take the time to plan for the year ahead with a fresh, clear outlook and approach these upcoming 12 months with measurable goals in mind!

If you haven’t set your goals for 2019, these ideas will inspire you to take on something special, positive and new: 

Pledge to Be Physically Active

One of the key findings from our Parkinson’s Outcomes Project shows that 2.5 hours of weekly exercise is associated with slower decline in the quality of life for a person living with Parkinson’s disease (PD). There are many workout classes and activities to consider! Biking, running, tai chi, yoga, Pilates, dance, weight training, non-contact boxing, qi gong and more — all have proven to have positive effects on PD symptoms. And not only will you feel better, but your sense of community will grow.

How to Get Started
Contact the Parkinson’s Foundation toll-free Helpline at 1-800-4PD-INFO (473-4636) or to find a class near you that is specifically designed for people with PD.

Eat Well

Year after year, one of the most common resolutions people make revolves around one’s diet. Sticking to this one can be particularly beneficial for people with PD. While there is no specific diet preapproved for all people with Parkinson’s, healthcare professionals agree that what you eat, how much and when will certainly impact your health and comfort. The Mediterranean diet is a great foundation as you begin to pay attention to what you consume.

How to Get Started
It’s important to be aware of how certain foods may interact with medications, so be sure to work with your care team to plan out meals that will work best for you!

Explore Options for Self-Care

Whether you are living with PD or are caring for somebody with the disease, you’ll surely experience moments of stress or pain. Try integrating relaxation, meditation or guided imagery into your day. It can make a huge difference in what is happening from one minute to the next. Sometimes just three deep breaths can redirect your entire day.

How to Get Started
Give it a try as Paula Wiener, MSW, LCSW, from our Helpline leads you through a brief session of mindful meditation


Become More Involved with a Meaningful Cause

Sometimes we feel better when we can DO something to improve a situation. Volunteering or raising money and awareness for a cause that you care about can change your attitude and give you a goal to work toward. 

How to Get Started
Make this the year that you start your own fundraising team and join us at the Moving Day Walk nearest you.

Try a New Podcast

Podcasts help break up the day and are only a smartphone or desktop computer away at any given moment. They are full of advice and factual information that can leave you feeling calmer and more empowered. Our Podcast Substantial Matters: Life and Science of Parkinson’s hosts professionals throughout the PD community who discuss treatments and techniques that can help you achieve a better life today as well as keep you up-to-date about ongoing research that we hope will bring a better tomorrow.

How to Get Started
Ready to start listening? Head to our site! If you’re new to podcasts, learn how to subscribe here!

Read a New Book

For a more traditional resolution that is still packed with our latest tips and tricks, resolve to read one (or all) of our free publications. Covering topics from mood to cognition and fitness to sleep, there’s so much to learn from our complete suite of free books.

How to Get Started
Order or download a free copy of our publications to peruse throughout 2019.

Run a Marathon

Is completing a physical feat on your bucket list? Do it with the Parkinson’s community in mind. If you pledge to run a marathon as a Parkinson’s Champion, you’ll have our support every step of the way. You can raise money that will go towards research and ultimately making life better for people living with PD.

How to Get Started
Register for a Parkinson’s Champions endurance event today.


Not sure what your Parkinson’s New Year’s resolution should be? Join the discussion on our Facebook page for ideas and inspiration.


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Mon, 01/07/2019

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